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"I tried so hard to create a life that was never meant to be in the first place. As a result of this attempt, the trajectory of my entire life was completely transformed. A traumatic loss occurred and forever changed my life. I turned into someone I didn’t recognize, and I wanted blood by any means necessary. Demonic spirits had overtaken me, and I was okay with it. I even became an ally to Satan; we were on the same team. Could I ever come back from this, or would this be my demise? Could I be saved, or was it too late? In this book, you will embark on a journey with me through pain, betrayal, heartache, murder, and redemption. This story is proof that no matter what life may throw your way, you can choose to face it head on, heal, and be Rewritten."

You see the glory, but you don’t know the story.



Tracie is a woman dedicated to helping and changing lives. By the grace of God, she balances being a mother, businesswoman, author, life coach, and board-certified credit consultant. Tracie has hit the ground running with the goal of making an impact wherever she goes. In her life pursuits, Tracie has overcome many barriers, but she did not let her past keep her from her future. Her life story has been restored, renewed, and rewritten. Now, as the Turn Around Life Coach, her focus is to inspire and empower others to experience the same.



"Rewritten" I Am Free, No Longer Bound

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